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The Best Moisturisers for Eczema Finding Relief for Your Skin

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Living with eczema can be a daily struggle, with constant dryness, itching, and inflammation. Finding the right moisturiser is essential in managing eczema, as it helps keep the skin hydrated and soothes irritation. However, with countless options on the market claiming to be the “best” for eczema, it can be overwhelming trying to find one that actually works for you.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the best moisturisers for eczema and what makes them effective. From natural remedies to medical-grade products, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

1. Understanding Eczema and How Moisturisers Help

The Best Moisturisers for Eczema Finding Relief for Your Skin

Before we dive into the best moisturisers for eczema, let’s first understand what this skin condition is and how moisturisers can help manage it.

Eczema is a chronic skin condition that causes the skin to become dry, itchy, inflamed, and sometimes cracked. It affects people of all ages, but it is most commonly seen in infants and young children. The exact cause of eczema is unknown, but it is believed to be a combination of genetic and environmental factors.


Moisturisers are an essential part of managing eczema because they help replenish the skin’s moisture barrier, which is often compromised in those with eczema. This barrier is responsible for keeping the skin hydrated and protecting it from irritants and allergens. When it is damaged, the skin becomes more prone to dryness and irritation, leading to eczema flare-ups.

What to Look For in a Moisturiser for Eczema

When searching for a moisturiser for eczema, there are a few key ingredients to look out for:

  • Emollients: These are substances that help soften and smooth the skin, such as petrolatum, mineral oil, and glycerin.
  • Humectants: These are ingredients that attract moisture to the skin, such as hyaluronic acid, urea, and sorbitol.
  • Ceramides: These are lipids that help repair and maintain the skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Anti-inflammatory Agents: Ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, and chamomile have anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe eczema flare-ups.

It is also essential to look for moisturisers that are free of fragrances, dyes, and other potential irritants.

2. Natural Remedies for Eczema

The Best Moisturisers for Eczema Finding Relief for Your Skin

While there are many medical-grade products available for managing eczema, some people prefer natural remedies. Here are two options that have shown promising results in relieving symptoms of eczema:

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has gained popularity in recent years for its numerous health benefits, including its potential to soothe eczema symptoms. It contains fatty acids that help moisturise the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and irritation.

To use coconut oil for eczema, simply apply a small amount to the affected area and massage it in gently. You can also mix it with your favourite moisturiser for added hydration.

Oatmeal Baths

Oatmeal baths have been used for centuries to soothe irritated and sensitive skin. The starches in oatmeal create a protective layer on the skin, while the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties can help calm eczema flare-ups.

To make an oatmeal bath, blend one cup of plain, uncooked oatmeal into a fine powder and add it to warm bathwater. Soak in the water for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

3. Over-the-Counter Moisturisers for Eczema

The Best Moisturisers for Eczema Finding Relief for Your Skin

If natural remedies are not providing enough relief, over-the-counter (OTC) moisturisers can be an effective option. OTC products are easily accessible and typically more affordable than prescription options. Here are two popular OTC moisturisers for eczema:

Cetaphil Restoraderm Eczema Calming Body Moisturiser

This hypoallergenic moisturiser is specifically formulated for eczema-prone skin. It contains ceramides, filaggrin, and shea butter to help replenish the skin’s moisture barrier and reduce inflammation. It is also free of fragrances, parabens, and dyes.

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturising Cream

Aveeno is well-known for their oat-based products, and this moisturising cream is no exception. It contains colloidal oatmeal, ceramides, and other emollients to soothe and protect eczema-prone skin. It is also fragrance-free and gentle enough for daily use.

4. Medical-Grade Moisturisers for Eczema

The Best Moisturisers for Eczema Finding Relief for Your Skin

For those with severe eczema or who have not found relief with OTC products, a medical-grade moisturiser may be necessary. These products are typically prescribed by a dermatologist and may contain higher concentrations of active ingredients.

EpiCeram Skin Barrier Emulsion

EpiCeram contains a unique blend of ceramides and fatty acids that mimic the natural structure of the skin’s moisture barrier. It is designed to repair and strengthen the skin’s barrier, reducing dryness, itching, and irritation.

Protopic Ointment

Protopic is a topical immunomodulator that helps treat eczema by reducing inflammation and suppressing the immune system’s response. It is often used for moderate to severe eczema and can provide long-term relief when used consistently.


The Best Moisturisers for Eczema Finding Relief for Your Skin

What triggers eczema flare-ups?

Eczema flare-ups can be triggered by a range of factors, including allergens, irritants, stress, weather changes, and hormonal changes.

Can diet play a role in managing eczema?

While there is no specific diet for eczema, some people find that certain foods may trigger flare-ups. Keeping a food diary and eliminating potential trigger foods can help identify any dietary triggers.

Is it safe to use essential oils for eczema?

Essential oils, while often marketed as natural remedies for eczema, can actually irritate the skin and make symptoms worse. It is best to stick to fragrance-free products or consult with a dermatologist before using essential oils.

Can eczema be cured?

Eczema is a chronic condition with no known cure. However, with proper management and care, symptoms can be significantly reduced and controlled.

Is it okay to use a moisturiser with steroids for eczema?

Steroid creams or ointments may be prescribed by a dermatologist for severe eczema flare-ups. While they can be effective in reducing inflammation and itching, they should only be used as directed and for short periods to avoid potential side effects.


Living with eczema can be challenging, but finding the right moisturiser can make a world of difference in managing symptoms. Whether you prefer natural remedies or medical-grade products, the key is to look for ingredients that will help repair and maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. Be patient and consistent in your skincare routine, and with time, you will find the best moisturiser for your eczema-prone skin.

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